CPAP – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure works by gently blowing pressurized room air through the airway at a set pressure determined during a sleep study in a local sleep lab. This prescribed pressure acts as a splint and will keep the airway open throughout the night. We welcome you to visit our office to see a wide selection of devices from the leading edge technology, different masks and interfaces to meet your needs and ensure your comfort. 


During inhalation, the proprietary microvalve technology in Provent (by Theravent) opens, allowing the user to breathe in freely. When exhaling, the valve closes and air passing through the nose is directed through two small air channels. This increases the pressure in the airway (expiratory positive airway pressure or EPAP), maintains pressure, and helps to keep the airway open until the start of the next inhalation. Provent is most commonly used after refusal or failure of CPAP.